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Prices may change due to currency fluctuations. Please confirm before ordering.

How to check used Gaming PC | Complete Guide.

How to check used gaming PC before buying | Complete Guide.

Buying a used gaming pc is a good option for those who are tight on budget or can’t afford new parts. Well in Pakistan used hardware market has a quite good range of products compared to new ones, but there are some downsides like getting scammed, or usually sellers even trusted sellers sell cheap or bad quality hardware.

Here’s the complete guide on how to check used gaming pc before buying it.

Testing a used Graphics Card: 

RUN some benchmarks, run some games, check temps at full load and compare the performance.

Stress Test: 

The first option is to use stress test software like furmark and run a stress test. During the test, monitor the temperatures and core clocks of the graphics card. Optimal temperatures are 70-75 C, but for some cards like RX series, even 80-82’C is okay in a mid hot summer day. When testing the GPU, try opening the case from side to ensure a good airflow if the casing does not have many fans in it. Also do check the fan spin during the stress test.


You can use the benchmark software like Cinebench or heaven Bench to check the performance of the GPU, and after you get the results, you can compare with other submitted scores.

In-Game Checking: 

You can use software like MSI AfterBurner, enable GPU core clocks and GPU temperature on-screen display( you can do that by heading towards the settings -> monitoring ) In-game tab try to run the latest little heavy game on it. Check for any artifacts ( small colour boxes like pink or red or dots or coloured lines). Monitor the graphic card temperatures during the game too.

A pic of GPU showing artifacts in game.

Checking used Processor before buying:

Processors don’t need to be check thoroughly, but still, on the safe side look for the temperatures at load. You can use the same software Furmark and use CPU Burner option to run the processor at full capacity. You can monitor the temperatures with MSI afterburner, or you can use software like HWMonitor, which will provide you in-depth details about components. You can you a benchmark software too for processor performance like GeekBench and compare the results with user-submitted results.

Storage Drives ( SSD/HDD) :

It’s very easy to check SSD/HDD drives; all you need to check is their health and look for bad sectors in hard drive. You can download HDDSentinel software. It will show you the HDD bad sectors and health. For hard drives, if the health is below 90% and has some bad sectors, then avoid it. For SSD’s health, you can go for 70-80% even.


 Check the motherboard ram slots first, then USB and other slots. If you can pull it processor, then check for the bent pins of the CPU socket. Other than that, the motherboard usually works fine.

Power Supply: 

First thing, the power supply should be sealed, and you can look for a company seal on it, if it’s opened most probably it’s repaired.Secondly, you check it on full load during games; some weak PSU’s shut down the computers at high load during gaming so you can check that in a CPU and GPU intensive game. Check the GPU usage and CPU usage to determine the intensity.

Final Thoughts: 

It’s okay to buy used gaming PC in Pakistan as it’s a vast marketplace here. Usually used gaming pc works fine for 2-3 years easily.

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