Price-Match Policy.

TechMatched aims to provide quality computer parts at the best rates. 

We offer the lowest rates in Twin-Cites, and that’s why we are offering a price match policy for our customers.

Record the Price

Record the price of the seller selling the same product at a lower rate.

Let Us Know

Let us know about the seller and the price he is offering through FB, Insta, or WhatsApp.

Match The Price

We'll verify the provided details within 24 hours and then match the price for you.

What is Price Match Policy?

If you find someone else offering the same product at a lower rate, you can contact us, and we’ll match the price within 24 Hours for you.

Simple contact us through Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, and let us know where you found the lower price.

Terms & Conditions:

1: The one selling the product should be a proper seller, not an individual selling one single product.

2:The product should be the same, including all the details like model and warranty, etc.

3:The seller should belong to the twin cities ( Islamabad & Rawalpindi )

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