Warranty Terms & Conditions

The warranty period will expire automatically, even if the product has not been fully used or installed during the warranty period.

Defect or damage incurred from transportation or storage of the products in improper conditions and during shipment, outside of Techmatched responsibility.

We reserve the right to refuse a warranty if this information or seal has been removed or changed after the product’s original purchase.

The warranty is not applicable in the case of dob (dead or burn).

Power adapters, installed software, cables, batteries, and all the additional accessories/ consumables provided with product/ components do not carry any warranty.

We will not entertain a warranty if the appearance of a dot/spot on any display screen (LCD/LED, Laptop LCD/LED).


Note: Local Warranty means you don’t have to pay a penny to claim a warranty. We’ll send the faulty component to the vendor to claim the warranty. As most of the vendors are located outside Pakistan, it can take up to 1-3months to claim the warranty, and any further delays caused by the vendor or shipping will not be our responsibility.

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