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Cougar Dark Blader X5 Gaming Case

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Size Does Matter

The most advanced compact case of the market is here. COUGAR QBX comes here to conquer the world with three big weapons within its compact body: Its dimensions, its expansion potential and its unrivalled cooling.

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QBX’s 178 x 291 x 384 mm/7.01 x 11.46 x 15.12 (in) make it a highly compact case.
Gamers no longer need enormous desks with lots of space to install high-end gaming components
in order to enjoy new generation games.

QBX - Compact

Expandable: Powerful Graphics

The newest FPS?
New generation 4K video games?
Of course.
With QBX Kaze, you gain access to new generation games in all their glory.

QBX - Expandable: Powerful Graphics
  1. QBX - Maximum graphics cards length 350mmMaximum graphics cards length 350mm
  2. QBX - Support for PS2 ATX Power Supply UnitsSupport for PS2 ATX Power Supply Units

Expandable: Massive Storage + ODD

Up to 5 Storage Drives (1 x 3.5¨ HDD + 4 x 2.5¨ SSD/HDD) Access to CD, DVD, Blu-ray and other Disk Formats. Nobody likes those situations in which you need to uninstall a game to be able to install another one.
To prevent this, QBX supports enormous amounts of storage so that you can put all your games, music, movies and whatever you want inside it.

QBX - Expandable: Massive Storage + ODD

The Best Cooling of Its Class

QBX comes with the best cooling of any case of its class. With a maximum of seven fans (from 80mm to 120mm) and compatibility with up to 240mm radiators for water cooling solutions, QBX’s Pro-cooling design (including an independent power supply airflow) provides the best defence against overheating.

QBX - Left View
Left View

Optimum ventilation solution

QBX - Right View
Right View

Independent power supply cooling solution

QBX - Top View
Top View

Support for 2 x 120mm fan on the top


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